Gizem Çetin

Gizem Çetin

From Stone-Walled Castles to Neutron Batteries

Who am I?

In fact, this is an ancient question of philosophy, the answer of which can be quite complex. However, I will write an ordinary boring biography below – thank you for reading. It is a map...


Stories on this website APPROVAL: Stories in this part are available in English. Published Books WARNING: Only prereadings of the books in this part are available in English. Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans 1 (Renaissance in the...

Which door would you like to enter?

THE SIXTH CANDLE – Seven Candles #2 – Prereading

Welcome! This pre-reading contains the first chapter of Altıncı Mum (The Sixth Candle). This book is part of the series Seven Candles, the rights to which Nar Ağacı... ... "THE SIXTH CANDLE – Seven Candles #2 – Prereading"

“Altıncı Mum” (The Sixth Candle) is out

❝Those who fell into the black hole had difficult days in nature. They had to contend with wild animals and harsh climatic conditions. When they... ... "“Altıncı Mum” (The Sixth Candle) is out"