Gizem Çetin

Gizem Çetin

From Stone-Walled Castles to Neutron Batteries

Who am I?

In fact, this is an ancient question of philosophy, the answer of which can be quite complex. However, I will write an ordinary boring biography below – thank you for reading. It is a map...


Stories on this website APPROVAL: Stories in this part are available in English. Published Books WARNING: Only prereadings of the books in this part are available in English. Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans 1 (Renaissance in the...

Which door would you like to enter?

“Acı Matriyarka”: what it means?

I have been using this nickname online since November 2017: “Acı Matriyarka” So what it means? Why did I choose this nickname? acı: bitter or... ... "“Acı Matriyarka”: what it means?"

FROM LINE TO LINE – A Dramatic Story

Cüneyt, who was raised by his grandfather due to the loss of his parents and built his life by struggling with difficulties, goes to visit his village years later. ... "FROM LINE TO LINE – A Dramatic Story"

GIFT – A Short Story

I found a short story I wrote about eight years ago on my computer. “Why did he invite me to a meeting in such a strange place?” the young woman complained. ... ... "GIFT – A Short Story"