Gizem Çetin

Gizem Çetin

From Stone-Walled Castles to Neutron Batteries

Who am I?

In fact, this is an ancient question of philosophy, the answer of which can be quite complex. However, I will write an ordinary boring biography below – thank you for reading. It is a map...


Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans (Renaissance in the Daisy Field), 2018 May, Başlangıç Publishing House. Yedi Mum Serisi (Seven Candles), 2021, Nar Ağacı Yayınları. I’ve been writing since 11 years old, my goal is to create valuable...

Which door would you like to enter?

A Turkish Sci-Fi Platform: Yerli Bilimkurgu Yükseliyor

Yerli Bilimkurgu Yükseliyor (It means Local Sci-Fi Rises) is a platform and magazine that aims to strengthen the science fiction culture in Turkey. They support... ... "A Turkish Sci-Fi Platform: Yerli Bilimkurgu Yükseliyor"


How would you feel if it was extremely quiet while you were drinking your afternoon coffee? What if this situation persists wherever you belong? Here is its story. ... "A QUIET AFTERNOON – A Story"