Yedinci Mum is out!

The Seventh Candle is now out! What will happen next?

Who am I?

In fact, this is an ancient question of philosophy, the answer of which can be quite complex. However, I will write an ordinary boring biography below – thank you for reading.

It is a map of a city in Russia. It was built in 1549. I wrote “ego” in the search engine to search for a stunning photo and it brought this picture to me. Strange, isn’t it?

Gizem Çetin, this is my full name, I’m an electrical electronics engineer and an author. I live in Turkey.

I was born in Uşak in 1997. (I think this makes me 24 years old.) Uşak is a small city in the Aegean Region.

In 2008, we moved to Konya, our hometown with the whole family. Konya is a large city in the Central Anatolia Region and is neighbor of Ankara the capital.

I graduated from Meram Anatolian High School in 2013. In the same year, I was writing a science fiction novel called İsyancı (The Rebel), which would be my first completed work: later I published it on the internet under the name Üç Kentin İsyancısı (Rebel of Three Cities).

In 2014, I created an account on Wattpad and started to convey what I wrote to the readers.

In 2015, I started to write Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans (Renaissance in the Daisy Field). After three years, it was published by Başlangıç Publishing House.

In 2017, I started writing the Yedi Mum (Seven Candles), a science fiction series with seven books. It was completed in three years, in 2020. In the same year, I graduated from TOBB ETÜ. I am currently working in a private company.

My story called Madenci (The Miner) came second in the 9th Short Story Competition organized by Yerli Bilimkurgu Yükseliyor.

Finally, I decided that I had to open my own site. Here you are!

A pearl from the Hubble telescope.

My Works, Stories and Other Things

  • Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans (Renaissance in The Daisy Field), 2018 May, Başlangıç Publishing House.
  • Yedi Mum Serisi (Seven Candles)
  • Ben Senden Vazgeçmem (Not Allowed)
  • Üç Kentin İsyancısı (Rebel of Three Cities)
  • Fatma’nın Portresi (Fatma’s Portrait)
  • Balçık ve Sırça (Clay and Glass)
  • Avarya Oyunları (Avarian Games)
  • Yaşam Nakli (A Life Transplant)
  • YMS: Diğer Serüvenler (SCS: Other Adventures)

The above were novels or short novels. Let’s take a look at the stories.

  • Madenci (The Miner), click, second in the 9th Short Story Competition in Yerli Bilimkurgu Yükseliyor.
  • Kara Saçak (Black Fringe), click, Selection of Sci-Fi Stories About Outbreak in Edebiyat Yarışmaları.
  • Arıza (Breakdown), click, third in the Horror Story Competition in Cem’den Dinle.