THE SIXTH CANDLE – Seven Candles #2 – Prereading

Welcome! This pre-reading contains the first chapter of Altıncı Mum (The Sixth Candle). This book is part of the series Seven Candles, the rights to which Nar Ağacı Publishing House has acquired. This book is not available in English yet, but work is underway.


He opened his eyes just when the ground was about to bend and tip over himself. While waiting to die, the noise suddenly stopped. Instead of feeling a huge burden on his back, his body got lighter, he felt hanging on empty space. The reality of the weight came back first, then a dirty and sticky cold. He felt cold from his knees with his skin on the ground to his elbows. Opening his eyelashes, İskender found himself in the midst of a muddy puddle. Over him was the cloudy sky, and under him was bole.

He raised inner side of his wrist and was happy to see it unspotted. He had a core device in his arm remaining from his military service, it would be invisible when its energy is full, and would shadow out as a black tattoo in the shape of a Solar System emblem with use.

He thought of the sentence: “save me from the water”. The monitor of the computer directly revived in his brain. “A platform of synthetic bone is being prepared. Three percent of the energy will be used.”

A firm ground begun to rise under his knees. Throwing the muddy rag around his waist after getting completely free of the swamp, the man thought five words in succession. “Bath, nails, hair, beard, clothes.”

“The bath is being prepared. Manicure and pedicure set is being prepared for the nail care. Virtual hairdresser is being prepared. How would you like your clothes?””

Noticing the impatience of its owner, the computer begun to work after a second notification.

“The clothes are set as DEFAULT.”

His skin was tingling as the water molecules moved within his body. The meat around his nails were peeling, ends were burning lightly. The procedure was done till he counted to ten. Nodding down, the soldier looked at the clothes the device put on him. “You should have dressed me civilian” he said laughing. The clothes on him was the same with the black t-shirt and gray pants they wore under the armour. “As if we are in barracks. Where’s the armour then!?”

“The armour is being pre…”

“Stop! It was a joke!” He took a deep breath when the computer stopped. Although spending more than twenty percent of the energy disgruntled him a bit, it did not effect the sense of victory. “Wow…” he said sitting cross-legged on the table. Watching the weeds raising on the edges of the puddle, he murmured: “Hail ye civilization!”

As a member of the Independence Movement that carry,ng out an operation against the Dwarf Serpent Galaxy to destroy the base of the Cosmos League, Iskender Misri was tasked with destroying the one living there by throwing her into the black hole around which the base revolved. Only, his mercy outweighed all else, and he took the person he was asked to kill with himself when setting the mechanism required to leave on.

The method he used was called “gravitational reflection”. Subatomic particles would turn into gravity waves; somehow, the mould of the atoms creating his body would be formed. When this method was first suggested, some science people objected saying gravity waves could not go beyond the light speed. “If the Sun would suddenly disappear…” they said, “… The earth would continue to rotate for eight minutes without even noticing.”

Those who thought of the method positively on the other hand argued that the classical physics logic should be left aside. The classical physics would study the movements of the big – bigger than the atom – matters in the slow – slower than the speed of light – speeds, was also called the “Newton physics” but some science people would also classify the theories of Einstein within classical physics. Classical theories would not explain the behaviours of the subatomic particles. At this point, quantum mechanics would step in.

The supporters of the gravitational reflection would say that this method worked with “quantum entanglement”. In quantum physics, particles entangled to one another – no matter how far from one another – would influence one another immediately. If one of the entangled particles would be turned from right to left, the other would immediately begin to turn. This was proved million times in experiments. Again, according to the quantum physics, as each particle could act as a wave and vice versa, the matters the gravitational waves emitted by which overlap could instantly come together.

Two ways would become prominent to travel to stellar distances: gravitational reflection and inflection. However, the former could not have been develop as the related projects were not supported because travels via reflection could not have been controlled by the administrating artificial intelligence. While the more expensive, dangerous and slower inflection method was being used even in the forth millennium instead, the name of the reflection would only be seen in a few advanced theoretical physics magazine.

The conceptual border of the black holes from which even the light could not escape was called the event horizon. A matter falling into the black hole could never come back once it passed the event horizon even if it transforms into the wave form. It would keep rotating until it is absorbed in the centre of the black hole. If it had a conscious, it would find itself in a virtual image of the place that is desired to be reached.

Just like the soldier and the girl opening their eyes under the blue sky.


Translation: Övünç YAŞAR

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