“From Stone-Walled Castles to Neutron Batteries”: What does it mean?

Magical past and stunning future.

This slogan, which I chose a long time ago, comes from the castle in the Sun Earth Island in Renaissance in the Daisy Field and the batteries used as an important source of energy in The Seven Candles Series.

In general, however, it describes the imaginary universes I like building. I like writing about
the past and the future–sometimes both at the same time. I believe in the concept of
Zeitgeist” (spirit of the times). I have always found it interesting that time changes places,
people, and civilization.

A season has come and gone

There is very little time left for us to see this.

Turn on the computer, enter the password. Dust the website. Make it shine. Then let a new post come a season later.

It’s been three months, exactly three months since the website was launched. Unbelievable. These three months passed by with so many hurries, with things planned but unrealized, and with internal tornadoes for me.

But I don’t want to talk about them. The past is in the past.

How good it is to migrate every day!

How beautiful it is to stop somewhere every day!

How nice it is to flow without freezing and getting muddy!

What word that belongs to yesterday,

Is gone, my loved one, with yesterday,

Now is the time to say new things.

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi

I would like to talk about something nice that happened this month. My story “Arıza” (Failure) made it as a finalist in the Horror Story Contest, held on the channel Cem’den Dinle on YouTube and eventually ranked third! I will add it to the blog soon. You can read it now.

I will not dust the website anymore. I announced on Instagram that I would share comments on books in my library from A to Z. Those comments will be here! Technically, however, it will not be from A to Z but from 1 to Z because Excel lists numbers first.

So, which book do you think I will share first? I’m looking forward to your guesses.