A contract has been signed for Yedi Mum!

Monday, December 28, 2020, I am signing. My first photo on the site!

“Today is March 17, 2020. It is 2.46 am. I started writing the Seven Candles Series on a hot July night, finished it on a cold March night. It’s been 979 days, almost a thousand.” That’s what I wrote the night I finished this big, seven-volume series.

Yedi Mum (Seven Candles) is a science fiction series consisting of seven novels. It is the story of how Iskender and Hayat, two people living a millennium and a half after us, fall into a black hole and face nature and the past of the ancient planet of Earth.

Yedi Mum is coming soon via Nar Ağacı Publishing House! (in Turkish first)

The inside of the black hole is a mystery based on our current state of knowledge. It was a unique experience to write about this celestial body on which respected physicists like Hawking pondered and developed theories. Afterwards I made use of areas such as religion, history, and philosophy, which constitute the basis of the intellectual legacy of humankind. It was as if I was a child stretching her curious hands to every field of knowledge that has ever come into existence.

On the noon of Monday, December 28, 2020, I signed a contract for the series.

The first book Yedinci Mum (The Seventh Candle) will be published in January, to be followed by other books every two or three months. I’m dealing with the editing right now. I hope that they will be quality works that are a pleasure to read, can provoke thought, and will take the reader to other worlds.

With love!

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