News About “Yedinci Mum” (The Seventh Candle)

When will the first volume of the Seven Candles Series come out? I cannot give an exact date, but I can say that it will be soon. The proofreading is over; we are working on the cover and the back cover text.

It’s one of the covers I use on the internet. This cover will not be included in paperback edition. Thanks to designer Gülnur-E

Last December, Nar Ağacı Publishing House and I signed a contract for the series Yedi Mum (Seven Candles). I edited the first volume Yedinci Mum (The Seventh Candle) and submitted it in January. I inquired about any recent developments yesterday. The editorial reading is complete. We will determine the cover and the back cover text. Then it will go to press.


I don’t know where we are. I do not know what era we are in. I don’t know if we’re going to spin around the world or fall into space. I don’t know anything but our fate: Death. I want to enjoy it while it lasts, survive until time speeds up like crazy, that’s it!

The Seventh Candle opens with a raid at a space station in a distant galaxy by two unidentified soldiers. They are supposed to kill the young girl (Hayat), who lives alone in this station, throwing her into black hole. However, the soldier on duty (Iskender) has mercy on her. They jump into the black hole along with the young girl to travel to Earth over the event horizon of the black hole, using a method called “gravitational reflection.”

However, where they end up is quite different from Earth as we know it. It is covered with forests and is desolate. By witnessing the first murder of humanity, they realize that they have arrived in prehistoric times.

Seven Candles is a Turkish science fiction heptalogy.

You can see a prereading for the first part here.

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