Renaissance in the Daisy Field

One morning the body of a young girl was found in the rain. It burned everyone’s heart, until a footage of the night he was taken to the morgue was viewed;

When a member of the morgue staff opened his drawer, the body woke up and grabbed his arm. When the staff member collapsed -it was later discovered that he had a heart attack- she got up. She looked around and went out, wrapping a sheet around herself. She did not appear in other cameras. She was not heard from again.

As the incident was forgotten, no one knew that there was a second eyewitness who had seen the girl, nor that this awakening would revive six-hundred-and-fifty-year-old disputes.

Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans (en. “Renaissance in the Daisy Field”)

Since it was my first job, I wanted to start the blog by talking about it.

When, in April 2015, I asked myself, “I wonder how someone who lived centuries ago would feel if they were to come to our day,” the first spark of the story began to flash in my mind, so I turned on the computer and wrote a short, forty-page draft. In September the same year, I started actually writing it and publishing it on Wattpad. “Papatya Tarlasında Rönesans,” which reached a wide audience in just a couple of months, was published in Turkish in two volumes by Başlangıç ​​Publishing House in 2018.

I would like to publish this book, which is published only in Turkish, in other languages ​​in the future.

If you want to make a place in your library, you can buy it from any online bookstore or contact here.

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