I wanted to create the timeline of the books included in the fictional universe of Yedi Mum -Seven Candles-. I hope there are no questions left. I look forward to your comments and questions.

First of all, I’d like to talk about spin-off. A side character of a series is the main character of a spin-off. For example, Fantastic Beasts is a spin-off and it is about the adventures of Newt Scamander, a side character in Harry Potter.

Then let’s get started!

Timeline & Books

… – 2092 / The World We Know

A single planet and dozens of countries competing with each other… The first century of the third millennium, the 2000s, witnessed a great tumult. All states except the superpowers were destroyed one by one with terror and anarchy. The United States, Russia and China were the last to collapse. On December 21, 2092, the era of states came to an end when the last US government announced its resignation.

2092 – 2154 / Chaotic Age

An era of interregnum, endless turmoil in which there is no authority other than unstable interim governments… A mass extinction period in which many species became extinct. It was the cadres of the old states who organized underground to stop the bloodshed that ended this period when security was almost completely destroyed. They joined forces and formed a single world state.

★ GLOBAL UNION (Foundation: 2154) ★

A world government that is multilingual, multiethnic, multicultural and highly authoritative.

Daily life is regulated in detail in this state, including the sleeping and waking hours of the citizens. All the cultural elements of the past have been tried to be eliminated. One of the most important elements controlled is the education of the new generation. If a married couple did not have a special childcare license – this permit could be obtained under very special conditions – the government would take their babies from families and raise them itself.

KRİSTAL KESİĞİ (The Crystal Cut)

Date: 2274

Main Characters: Lara Şara, Peter Behr, Undine Fenstermaher

You can observe the influence of the authoritarian state in this book, which takes place during the period when the Global Union was strong.

YILDIZLARA DAVET VAR (Invitations to the Stars)

Geçtiği Yıl: 2453

Main Characters: Vatan Talatoğlu, Svetlana Lyapunova

2453 is also the year of the invention of twist, which has an important place in the series. This invention also led to the weakening of the Global Union.

2024 Update: Spin-off books have been cancelled. The above characters will be mentioned within the seven books of the series, and not in a separate book.

Twist: It is a method used to cover large distances in space by first bending the space-time fabric in the shape of a screw and then temporarily piercing it. Prior to this invention, space travel was very difficult and took a long time.

Thanks to the twist, it was possible to establish colonies in space. The word “state” would no longer mean a piece of land, but an entire planet or star system. Earth was no longer an open-air prison. Although the Global Union was not officially destroyed until the All-Weapons War of 2994, it lost its effectiveness after the 2500s.


MIRANDA-BALAY: The name of a binary star system in the Triangulum Galaxy. Also, the name of the state founded by Vatan Talatoğlu and Svetlana Lyapunova. Its importance comes from the fact that it is the first permanent human settlement established outside of GL-UN, although it is far away…

There are two stars and seven planets in this star system: Miranda is big star, Balay is small star; planets are Aşina, Mayi, Kara, Geyik, Sigun, Bürküt, Erçin.

Miranda and Balay… Representative photo, source.

There is also a comet in this system. It was called Sveta when it was first discovered, but over the centuries it evolved as Savada.

OTHER INDEPENDENT SETTLEMENTS: Independent settlements, large and small, began to be established on planets orbiting many stars, mostly on the Milky Way. One of them that happens to be a place in the book is Trappola or Trap Star. This name was later given by the residents. Today we know it as TRAPPIST-1. ☺

★ COSMOS UNION (Foundation: 29th century) ★

Established in the 29th century, this union was originally a union of several star system governments. Cosmos Union followed an expansionist policy, took over almost the entire Milky Way Galaxy over the centuries and became the first galactic empire in human history.

All Weapons War: In 2994, Cosmos Union attacked Earth. During that war gave rapid development to the union, it officially destroyed the 800-year-old Global Union and brought the Solar System under dominance.


Date: 2993

Main Character: Rizado, Augustine Chart, Karin Malda

You will testify to the state of the world before this great war. There is no state authority, no rights, the strong hurt the weak.


Date: 3627

Main Character: Ethan Path, Aurora Ice, Musa, Ece

In this book on the Missing Engineers Case, Albaes is the name of a star on the Milky Way and is ruled by the Cosmos Union. The only planet orbiting Albaes is Kumburalba.

2024 Update: Spin-off books have been cancelled. The above characters will be mentioned within the seven books of the series, and not in a separate book.

Missing Engineers Case: Kumburalba was one of the most important data centers of Cosmos Union. In 3627, an accident occurred that caused this data to be burned out. This accident was called the Missing Engineers Case.

»» 3672: Date of Seven Candles ««

Seven Candles series book list:


In what order will we read the books?

A: The main series is read in its order: The Seventh Candle – The Sixth Candle – The Fifth Candle – The Fourth Candle – The Third Candle – The Second Candle – The Last Candle.

Q: Can we start spin-off books without reading all the books in the Seven Candles series?

A: Yes. The side books are independent of each other and the main series in terms of plot. They are like stand-alone books. Spin-off books are cancelled.

Q: There will be 7 books in the main series and 4 side books, a total of 11 books. So, is the content of this universe limited to these?

A: No! Exclusive stories and exclusive content will continue to support this universe, until there is nothing worth telling. There will be just 7 books.

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