“Yedinci Mum” (The Seventh Candle), Seven Candles’ first book is out

❝Humankind settles in Milky Way and other galaxies around it. In an old calendar used in Earth, the year is 3672. In the furthest reached place, Dwarf Serpent Galaxy, there is a space station in a black hole’s orbit. Here a person lives alone: Hayat.

The purpose of the sudden raid is to throw her into the black hole to death. But the soldier on duty has scruples. They jump together into the black hole to travel to Earth by a method called ‘gravitational reflection.’ However, the place they arrived is quite different from the known Earth. It is covered with forests, and it is deserted. When they witness the first murder of humanity, they understand that they have come to prehistoric times and that things are deeper than they seem.❞

Introductory Bulletin

Paperback, 112 pages. Published March 2021 by Nar Ağacı Yayınları. Goodreads.

Pre-reading is here.


  • In 2017, I started writing the Seven Candles series as I explained in the article “How did I meet Wattpad?”
  • I completed the series in March 2020.
  • A contract was signed in the last days of last year, I shared it here.
  • It was edited, typesetted, its cover prepared, and it came out of the printing press on March 10, 2021.


I will start working on Altıncı Mum (The Sixth Candle). It will probably be out in the summer months.

Also, I imagine that Seven Candles series will be translated into foreign languages and take place on international platforms, although I have not made any progress yet, I will strive for it.

I will complete my other unfinished novels. If I can do that, I plan to write a spin-off series (in the same universe but with different characters). There will be important side characters that are mentioned in the Seven Candles, but whose stories have not been told. Like Lara Şara, Vatan Talatoğlu, Haarez Nazra…

As I write these lines, a parcel full of books is right next to my desk. Yay!

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