“Altıncı Mum” (The Sixth Candle) is out

❝Those who fell into the black hole had difficult days in nature. They had to contend with wild animals and harsh climatic conditions. When they fell back into the space, they found themselves on the same planet again.

With only one difference: In another era.

Hayat and İskender are starting to understand more or less the reasons behind this trip. They know how to meet their needs and protect themselves from danger. They know both each other and themselves better. Their goals are more specific.

Their hope is greater to survive. They will march because the flood is soon. The lands will be completely submerged. If they can’t find Noah’s Ark, they too…❞

Introductory Bulletin

Paperback. Published September 2021 by Nar Ağacı Yayınları.

Pre-reading is here.


  • In 2017, I started writing the Seven Candles series as I explained in the article “How did I meet Wattpad?”
  • I completed the series in March 2020.
  • A contract was signed in the last days of last year, I shared it here.
  • The Seventh Candle was edited, typesetted, its cover prepared, and it came out of the printing press on March 10, 2021.
  • On August 4, I started two books from the spin-off series that I mentioned often on Wattpad at the same time: Kristal Kesiği (The Crystal Cut) and Yenilmişlerin Romansı (Losers’ Romance). Later I will enter detailed content about them.
  • I worked on Altıncı Mum (The Sixth Candle) and submitted it to the publishing house. It released on September 27, 2021.


I will fly to Beşinci Mum (The Fifth Candle) without slowing down. It will be longer and more detailed than on Wattpad.

I mentioned earlier that I want to translate Seven Candles series into a foreign language. The Seventh Candle is currently in the translator. He said he’d deliver mid-October, so let’s see.

When Kristal Kesiği (The Crystal Cut) and Yenilmişlerin Romansı (Losers’ Romance) progress bit, I may begin to write Yıldızlara Davet Var (Invitation to the Stars) and Albaes Çocukları (Children of Albaes). I originally planned four spin-offs, but I have a fifth in mind. An origin book about the 2100s…

I have to write content about the Seven Candles universe. Which book takes place in which year, which one should be read etc. It will clear up the confusion.

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